Unified Communications and Collabration

Design, Deploy & Optimization

We can help design, deploy & optimize your IT infrastructure to provide dependable, secure and unified communications and collaboration. With IP telephony, messaging and video conferencing, we’ll seamlessly connect offices across the country, virtual employees, and customers and partners anywhere in the world.


The growing demand for access is pushing the limits of even advanced and borderless networks & Internet of Things. Businesses are moving towards more converged networks and ultimately towards optimized infrastructures.
IP Telephony

We can help leverage your IT infrastructure to alleviate the equipment costs, usage fees and maintenance associated with a traditional PSTN & Long Distance telephone network. And with IP telephony solutions, you can begin to integrate your company’s entire communication system into a single IP-based network. Voice and data can share bandwidth and a more unified platform for all your communication needs.

We have expertise in all products & solutions such as Cisco, Juniper & Avaya to bring you an IP telephony framework that is cost-effective, secure and reliable.


Voice Over IP (VoIP)

By adding VoIP capabilities to your IT infrastructure, you can have more control over the cost, quality of service, and security of your voice, multimedia and data communications.

Use a single network for all your voice and data needs
Create unified messaging for all communications
Provide more secure calls using standardized encryption and authentication tools
Improve call reporting, voice network monitoring and troubleshooting
Messaging and Collaboration

Monitoring and Management.

We provide 24/7 support for unified communication & collaboration infrastructures – voice gateways, voip devices & video conferencing equipments – across one or more geographically-dispersed locations through our India.-based Network Operation Center.