Our solution helps you work more efficiently by automating various IT operations, ranging from day-to-day and routine operations to those that are highly complex

T&A - Automation

Run-book, IT process and Data-center automation help IT companies reduce manual work, eliminate repetitive tasks and quicken problem resolution.

Our customized solutions runs on the Windows & Linux operating system and SQL database. The operation solution automates the day-to-day IT operations that are performed in a system. This solution allows customers to automate a series of operations which can include the ones which need inputs from personnel
The automatic operation covers both routine operations (such as changing passwords), on-demand work (such as adding or deleting virtual machines), and temporary measures for handling IT failures.



Reduce hours dedicated to daily routine and time consuming IT ops like applying OS updates and starting servers
By reducing operational errors, companies can achieve and improve work quality
By automating IT operations that require niche / specialized skills or experience, companies reduce their exposure and risk arising on dependencies on skill engineers