Managed OS

The Migration Readiness Assessment is flexible & the critical starting point for any migration of operating systems, PC devices and server infrastructures. Our three-phase assessment objectively evaluates your migration readiness in a short 3-4 week period. It utilizes proven methodologies, based upon ITIL and industry best practices to deliver actionable insight and specific recommendations.

Managed End Points

Where other assessments provide only a high level plan, we deliver strategic and tactical plans based upon a GAP analysis and other assessment protocols.

OS Optimization -

Goes beyond the physical requirements of an OS migration. Optimization enhances the performance of the new operating system through the application of advanced technologies to maximize end-user productivity & IT infrastructure. It includes state of the art productivity tools in the following categories:



OS Migration -

We work closely with organizations and IT managers who embrace the need to modernize their server platforms through proper planning, collaboration with application owners, and skillful implementation.

We help you take advantage of a server migration to modernize and prepare for the next generation of IT infrastructure. Private, public and hybrid cloud solutions will enable the next generation of IT – and support the Workplace of the Future.

OS Migration includes the execution of large, complex migrations from outdated OS platforms to current, advanced OS system technologies. OS platforms include end user device migration to advanced Desktop OS, as well as the OS platforms that run the overall IT infrastructure (servers)

Directory Services (Active Directory) for managing end-user and device credentials.

Enterprise Client Management Suites enhance and expand the functionality and performance of server and end-point management suites, e.g., Microsoft SCCM, LANDesk

Enterprise Messaging / Cloud-based Solutions optimize and transform your investment in tools, such as Microsoft Outlook and/or cloud-based offerings, e.g., Office 365 or Google Apps.