We approach with service provider centric strategy in support and services along with contingent workforce. Our partnerships with leading service providers are built on a common vision and unified approach to maximize customer value and success. The synergy between Engage IT and our Services Partners delivers:

Unparalleled, proven expertise in developing and managing 24*7*365 support and services

Opportunities to maximize resource utilization, reduce risk, ensure quality and drive cost and process efficiencies

Joint IT support lifecycle management—from initial strategy sessions and implementation through day-to-day operations and program expansion, Engage IT and our Services Partners are aligned for customer success
Ongoing strategic alignment to ensure our Providers quality of service in their business services is high, provide the latest and best support plans, utilize the full range of our technology teams and platform support, capabilities, and deliver unparalleled support

Engage IT – a Solution-Oriented Partner

Overall advantages to partnering with us:

Instant access to a large, experienced team
More focused on three Rs – Report, Resolve, Restore plus proactive monitoring and management
Extend support to technologies and tools of service providers and become more productive
Allow service providers to focus on their business core value offerings
Stabilize expenses through a standard, unchanging monthly cost

Value Driven Support

Creating secure and stable support plans begins with high level and low level study and thorough understanding of service providers business. But the biggest challenge internal teams face is their ability to be value driven while dealing with daily support chores
Teams that jump from one break/fix issue to another fall into a vicious cycle leaving no room for value driven support. They risk being so focused on today that they can’t think about tomorrow

The key is approaching the tech environment with value driven support. By taking the time to learn service provider core business, a good partner will develop preventative support strategies that are appropriate for the service providers needs
By getting to know your services inside and out, true partner experts can apply what they already know about the industry landscape to particular issues facing your company. This way your service plan can focus on preventative support areas appropriate to your business

Evolving Skill Set

Are service providers getting enough returns for the money spent ? One of the great advantages to partnering with an Provider-Oriented Partner is the varied coverage of skills to which you have access.
This access provides you with many resources with varying skill sets that can address whatever technical issue you may encounter. Partner Experts invest in their employees’ continual learning and certification.
This deepens their knowledge base and expertise in technology management, making them a perpetually more valuable partner. When choosing your partner, look for companies that strive to be on the cutting edge, and offer advanced services through clear policies and internal programs that support growth and development.
This all but guarantees as the technology landscape changes, your partner will change with it. This ensures you’re in good hands going forward, and saves you the cost of training and certifying your own IT staff.

Key Benefits

Address new requirements with ready-to-deploy approach
Save time and investment in setting up new support teams
Access to technical expertise without additional expense
Scalability and flexibility at ease
Increase QoS and customer experience
Achieve customer satisfaction