Tools and Automation


We have deep expertise in tools used for monitoring and management in business services and specific systems within the IT infrastructure, including network devices, servers, databases, applications, and virtualized environments

Engage IT’s team of experts can monitor systems hosted in internal data centers as well as in externally hosted environments and cloud computing environments

Engage IT continues to invest time and effort to develop new practice and capabilities in run book automation of IT support area & try to bring business value to existing and new customers by engaging them in our approach towards IT process automation (ITPA)

We offer customized automation of disparate processes, which allows IT support to improve responsiveness, extend high QoS, reduce outage risks and cost by removing human intervention at all possible levels


We suggest and recommend the roadmap for automation in an efficient, effective and economical way

Our automation solutions once applied to applications and systems, will help build and assist in the creation of workflows, taking actions based on data and workflow

Process automation starts before any occurrences of repeated incidents or alerts with data and information feeding into workflows at all steps

Automation can reduce more than 50% of all manual run book based monitoring and management, it can also enable remote commands to be executed and broadcast real time indicators to set responders

Process involved in implementation

View data

Collect all available data, reports followed with analysis and correlation


Intiate an intelligent rule-based workflow which is dynamic & solution oriented

Two way communication

Distributing assignments based on solution and escalating via a variety of communications like mail, SMS, or phone calls

Manage and maintain

Execute on remote commands, mobile control, and real time indicators