Enterprise Computing

We provide audit and assessment services for your existing infrastructure and provide recommendations to optimize and virtualize servers running in the Data Center. Our team will also make a feasibility study and recommend public/private cloud migrations to further optimize your infrastructure as necessary. Migration from P2V (Physical to Virtual) and Physical to Cloud (P2C)


A high level of reliability, including built-in redundancies to ensure that a business can continue to operate if one system fails
A high level of security, including robust database security and the ability to set varied access profiles for specific users
A central data storage system that collects and organizes data from the entire organization and controls access to the data according to security protocols
A high level of availability so that users are not waiting to access IT assets



Server administration

Database administration

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Messaging support

Backup and storage administration

Application management




20%-30% reduction in IT OPEX
24x7x365 Data center support
Proven and robust ITIL aligned transition and deployment methodology