Reporting Solutions

Our report solutions helps address the biggest challenges of MSPs concerning custom reporting and huge data sets which are normally generated by monitoring solutions. MSPs need custom reports to meet each and every customer's unique demands



In most of MSPs the monitoring software cannot create such reports and third-party reporting tools very often not integrate with MSPs' monitoring software, leaving MSPs to manually consolidate reports created by multiple tools.

In such scenario, our reporting solutions simplifies and automates reporting on different sets of monitoring data for MSP's various customers

Our reporting solution easily organize data and create insightful reports and dashboards, all of which are vital to demonstre the efforts to safeguard and enhance the performance of customers' distributed IT systems and networks. Reporting solution features an portal as well as an executive dashboard and on-demand weekly and monthly reports. The portal provides a “single-pane-of-glass” view of the entire infrastructure, including cloud services.
The dashboard represent integrated performance and monitoring, security and availability status, real-time alerting, graphical performance reporting

Various components

Users have access to a range of reporting components like pie charts, bar graphs, pivot tables and tabular view components

Comprehensive analysis

Users can gather reports together and process owners can get access control over data and reports being shared.

Reports all time

Users can embed reports in websites, intranets, applications. Reports can also be exported to PDF, XLS and CVS formats and emailed to MSP customers.