Automate IT

IT Process Automation ( ITPA ), also known as Run Book Automation (RBA), is the ability to orchestrate and integrate tools, processes and people through defined workflows

Run Book Automation,” is a technology for automating IT operations, processes and management. By defining processes in a workflow and coordinating various operations-management tools, RBA automates the execution of the operations-management processes. Since operations for handling events that conventionally need human judgment can be automated

Any IT operations in networks or data center basically comprise three tasks :

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Deployment of networking device or server hardware


Day-to-day administration of the network or data center, which includes tasks like the changing of passwords


Management of different components of the network and data center infrastructure in tandem with each other

Automating these tasks results in networks or data center that can quickly adapt and rapidly respond to a changing business environment

We Involve in :

Automating network provisioning

Scripting and programmability to automate the operations management

Achieving orchestration

AUTOMATE IT is our solution for automating IT operations in 3 simple steps:


We can create automation templates to support end user, network, security and data center services


We can plan and execute automation to support and handle a specific event


During downtime and issues, our solutions automatically initiate remediation

Benefits of AUTOMATE IT :

Reduce man-hours spent on IT operations
Preventing human errors
Reduce downtime
Improve IT team approach towards problem / incidents
Bring effectiveness and efficiency in operations management